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That’s right, my faithful fans.  Carlybird Weaves is MOVING!

And by “is moving” I mean, “has moved.”  To New Hampshire.  Where it’s not 104 degrees, nor have there been any derechos recently.
(Grammar-jerks, tear that last sentence apart, if you must.
I’m too tired to think about it).
Use coupon code MOVING2012 in my Etsy shop RIGHT NOW!!

I promise I’ll give you the lowdown on WHAT IN TARNATION JUST HAPPENED soon enough, but in the meantime, let it be known that moving is super expensive and I’m not below begging asking politely for a little help.

But, what I would prefer to do is just move some inventory at a lower price for my beloved customers who like to plan ahead. Christmas is 178 days away and there are a few lucky folks who really ought to receive a Carlybird Weaves scarf as a gift this year.

I’m offering 25% off my entire inventory of handwoven and hand-dyed scarves for a limited time only.  This includes custom work, but please contact me regarding lead time (3 – 4 weeks is likely, depending on the response I get to this offer).

This was me, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the George Washington bridge about a week ago when it was 104 degrees, at noon, and my car was overheating.  You REALLY need to help a gal out.  :P