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A ceramic pot created by Jeff Campana.  He deconstructs and reconstructs his pots, emphasizing their structure and form in a way that is perfectly elegant.

My Shimmery Blue Zig Zag scarf.  While I was reading up about Jeff Campana (I just discovered his work on Etsy this morning), I read in his artist’s statement the following:  “I know a work is successful when it makes me smile just to look at it.”  That about sums it up for me, too.

Another Etsy find, this one from a seller called CatTales.  She’s in Saratoga Springs and I love her thread photography.  I’m using it as inspiration for my new website (yes, I’m still totally dragging my heels on the new website.  Slowly collecting ideas and images, bouncing them off friends and colleagues, and hoping to put said ideas and images together in a way that functions well and is beautiful).