Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Slider | 2 comments

Yesterday and today I’ve been working on this t-shirt quilt for some friends. They are a lovely couple with a brand new baby and they commissioned me to do it a while back (a couple of years, I’m embarrassed to admit) and it just never happened. Well, I’m finally getting around to it (and I have no intention of charging them–it’s a gift, now!). Feels good to get this closer to checked off my list.

Did you notice the lovely new night stands next to the bed?! Chris made them for me for my Christmas present (which he finally gave me last night)! I won’t lie. I really wish we could just do the Christmas thing on Christmas like everyone else in Christmas-celebrating world, but these bedside tables were totally worth the wait. Early V-day present, I guess?

In other news, here’s my cat sleeping in a box,

and here’s my new haircut,

and here’s a method to tie on a warp that I will probably never use again.

Also? It’s snowing! Crazy warm weather lately, but today it actually feels like February in Baltimore!