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Outcall Escorts Relationship Goals

Setting relationship goals is the new “in thing” to do, but I am not sure that it is such a good idea. I simply think that it may just put too much pressure on some people. Last night I had a night off from outcall escorts and went out on a date with this guy I had met in a pub.

He seemed to be a nice guy, and was actually sort of guy you took the night off from London escorts to have some fun. Not only did he have a nice smile, but he was also very good looking and seemed to be a very chilled out person. Boy, was I wrong. I do have plenty of experience from all of the time I have spent with men at outcall escorts, but for some reason, I totally managed to misread this guy. The date started at ,the bar, and we then decided to go and have a meal. I thought it was going to be a real treat, but I am still not sure if I should have wasted my time and taken the evening off from outcall escorts. This guy turned out to be really pushy, and it felt like I was being interviewed all of the time. Sure, my London escorts dates ask me questions but nothing like this.

It very much sounded like he was after a long term partner and was not willing to waste his time. I felt like telling him that I work for a London escorts service and know a thing or two about relationships. One of the first questions he asked me was about my relationship goals. He wanted to know where I could see myself in five years time, and if I was in a relationship then, what would I be doing.

I told him that I was not sure. At the moment I was not looking for any long term relationships because of my lifestyle. He seemed a little bit surprised at the answer. I almost told him there and then I worked for a London escort service. He then started to ask me questions about finance and money. When you work for a London escorts service, you probably earn a little bit more money than other girls but I did not mention that to him. I did say that I had my own place in London which was paid for.

He them asked me what I would do with my home in case I ended up in a serious relationship. Well, I would hang to it of course, and maybe rent it out. However, I also told him that I did not want to rush into any relationship. I said that I was proud of what I had achieved during my time in London, and I did not really need a man in my life at all. I have all of the exciting sex toys that I could ever need, so why should I need a man to complicate my life.

My First Experience As An Escort

Life was getting hard. I had tried to look for work for over six months without finding anything. I had a few friends who worked at an escort agency and had been pressuring me to join them. So I finally gave in since I seemed to have no other option at the moment. They quickly took me to the escort service manager and I officially became an escort. To be more specific, I worked for Eve escorts.

My friends were really supportive, giving me all kinds of crazy tips. I almost bailed out, but I really needed the cash. When I was picked up for my very first day I was extremely nervous. I was kind of inexperienced, and I was pretty sure this was why I was picked. All the while heading to the location, I could not help but try to imagine all the different scenarios that I may encounter.

The guy looked like the normal business type. He wanted me to go with him to a work party, as his girlfriend. I got into his car and on the way he told me all he expected me to do and how he wanted me to behave. We worked on me remembering the name and backstory he had created for me, including a crazy part about how we met, and other small details. We had a lot of fun at the party. The drinks and meal were quite lovely. We also had a few fun conversations and a lot of laughs. I was the perfect “girlfriend”. I tried very hard not to disappoint him in any way; I stuck to the back story and really portrayed him as a wonderful boyfriend.

After the event we went to a nice hotel room. He wanted to dance with me a little, which was really nice. After a while, we started feeling each other up and making out. He was really excited because he knew it was my first time as an escort.

He asked me to suck his cock, and I did. He wanted to fuck, but he had not paid for that. So we negotiated the difference he needed to pay before proceeding. The amount of money was really good to me, and he seemed like a decent enough guy. We ended up fucking for a couple of hours, first with him on top with my legs pushed back, and then with me riding cowgirl. Both of us had an amazing time.
He gave me the extra cash he owed, and even gave me a tip! I was so excited about the amount of money that I had received. The guy has been a regular client of mine since then and we meet up at least once a week.