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Outcall Escorts Relationship Goals

Setting relationship goals is the new “in thing” to do, but I am not sure that it is such a good idea. I simply think that it may just put too much pressure on some people. Last night I had a night off from outcall escorts and went out on a date with this guy I had met in a pub.

He seemed to be a nice guy, and was actually sort of guy you took the night off from London escorts to have some fun. Not only did he have a nice smile, but he was also very good looking and seemed to be a very chilled out person. Boy, was I wrong. I do have plenty of experience from all of the time I have spent with men at outcall escorts, but for some reason, I totally managed to misread this guy. The date started at ,the bar, and we then decided to go and have a meal. I thought it was going to be a real treat, but I am still not sure if I should have wasted my time and taken the evening off from outcall escorts. This guy turned out to be really pushy, and it felt like I was being interviewed all of the time. Sure, my London escorts dates ask me questions but nothing like this.

It very much sounded like he was after a long term partner and was not willing to waste his time. I felt like telling him that I work for a London escorts service and know a thing or two about relationships. One of the first questions he asked me was about my relationship goals. He wanted to know where I could see myself in five years time, and if I was in a relationship then, what would I be doing.

I told him that I was not sure. At the moment I was not looking for any long term relationships because of my lifestyle. He seemed a little bit surprised at the answer. I almost told him there and then I worked for a London escort service. He then started to ask me questions about finance and money. When you work for a London escorts service, you probably earn a little bit more money than other girls but I did not mention that to him. I did say that I had my own place in London which was paid for.

He them asked me what I would do with my home in case I ended up in a serious relationship. Well, I would hang to it of course, and maybe rent it out. However, I also told him that I did not want to rush into any relationship. I said that I was proud of what I had achieved during my time in London, and I did not really need a man in my life at all. I have all of the exciting sex toys that I could ever need, so why should I need a man to complicate my life.